Our vision is to be a leader in public equity policy performance analytics via intelligent systems, tools, processes and perpetual human engineering and execution. Our white papers contributions to the knowledge base are helping to define and advance compliance management practice. Guided by our shared values, we are focused on the mission of data collection, analysis, tracking, monitoring and reporting on key performance matrix on given public equity policies.

The ePrismSoftâ„  our flagship software tool, has revolutionized small and minority business development space. The system on-demand end-to-end management platform enables dissemination of information and documents to defined targets. Speed, flexibility and returns on small and minority business program investments are the cornerstones of our solution. We combine best-of-breed cloud technologies with best practices in business development to deliver unprecedented value to the stakeholders in the small and minority business development space.

The ePrismSoftâ„  platform includes comprehensive end-to-end management tools enables the tracking of targeted business participation progress toward the established goals. The tool ensures transparency, data accuracy, and real-time monitoring of all contracts/subcontracts activities throughout the life of the project.

While PrismSoftâ„  targets fortune 500 companies, municipal governments, and public organizations, it also an invaluable resource to minority and small businesses by linking them directly to corporate and government buyers, and subsequently access to opportunities needed for continued growth.