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Excellence is a result of the flawless execution of relevant business processes
powered by the right technologies.

Technology Unlocks Possibilities

The right technologies transform imaginations to realities.
We put the right technologies in your hands.

Data . Analysis . Tracking . Reporting

We combine best-of-breed cloud technologies .
with best practices in business development to enable unprecedented insight.

Transparency Breeds Culture of Accountability

It empowers the stakeholders and drives better outcome.
Promotes community oversight. (The more the eyeballs, the better)

About Us

Human Capital Development was incorporated May 13th 2003 in Illinois and became operational in 2007 with the launch of our revolutionary web portal, ePrismSoft℠. We embrace a vision of leadership in public equity policy performance analytics via intelligent systems, tools, processes and perpetual human engineering and execution. To this end, we perform data collection, analysis, tracking and reporting on key performance matrices on given public equity policies. We work with any organization or municipal government that dispenses public funds resulting in economic opportunities (contracts for businesses/jobs for individuals). Our target market includes municipalities, public housing authorities, and educational institutions. We also provide invaluable services to disadvantaged and small businesses by linking them directly to corporate and government buyers. Our tools and expertise bring a unique set of values to the market we serve.


Our flagship software tool ePrismSoft℠ combines best-of-breed web technologies with best practices in minority business development to deliver unprecedented value to all stakeholders in the small and minority business development space.

Opportunity Matching and Outreach

ePrismSoft℠ enables reliable and documented dissemination of any type of information to target entities selected dynamically by criteria specified by the user.

Contract Tracking and Reporting

ePrismSoft℠ enables tracking and reporting on all contracts and subcontracts in a project, supporting 24 C.F.R. Part 135 and 49 C.F.R. Part 26 Section 26.37(b).

Electronic Certified Payroll

ePrismSoft℠ enables direct-from-the-source collection of all payroll data across all contract tiers, with template upload capability for bulk input and real-time issue detection.

Workforce Analysis and Tracking

ePrismSoft℠ enables detailed end-to-end tracking of workforce composition and measurement of progress toward established goals.

Prevailing Wage Verification

ePrismSoft℠ enables verification of reported wages against applicable prevailing wage standards, such as the US DOL Davis-Bacon Act.

Certification Program Management

ePrismSoft℠ enables both hands-on and hands-off management of procurement certification programs, including pre-qualification programs.

Community Collaboration Portal

ePrismSoft℠ features a centralized portal for jobseekers and community resource providers to drive workforce development in the community.

Real-Time Reporting / HUD Section 3

ePrismSoft℠ features full real-time reporting capability, including HUD Section 3 submissions such as SPEARS and Form 2516.

Transparency for Stakeholders

ePrismSoft℠ features externally releasable report products for both stakeholders and the public to enable open and transparent discourse.

Our Services

Our service offerings are highly regarded within the equity policies space; We were the first to develop a complete picture of a credible equity policy prescription. In addition to our software solutions, we issue comprehensive technical guidance to our clients on public procurement equity subjects and policies.

Compliance Management

We provide independent third-party project monitoring, tracking and reporting through our flagship product, ePrismSoft℠. Its real-time reporting capability provides unmatched visibility of compliance metrics.

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Community Collaboration

We provide a centralized web-hosted solution for coordinating jobseeker/workforce development and community resource utilization. We work with you to maximize your results in the community development space.

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Equity Policy Consulting

We provide guidance on achieving and maintaining an effective and inclusive equity policy. We specialize in contract/workforce participation and contract/workforce localization preference.

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Our Shared Values

These values represent the standards that we will use to measure all our individual and collective actions. Meeting commitments, honesty, and trustworthy behavior and practices are not optional, but are requirements. We will do the right thing at all times.

Employee Development

We promote a "can-do" attitude and entrepreneurial spirit. This enables us to create a workplace we can be proud of.


Our impact on clients is the barometer we use for our decision making.

Personal Ownership

We take individual responsibility for each client’s experience with our organization and its resources. We are strongly committed to exceeding expectations in every situation.

Mutual Respect

We respect everyone in all interactions and recognize the unique value of each individual.


We face challenges by acting constructively to bring about a timely and positive solution.

Excellence in Performance

We act with a sense of urgency, measure results, reward excellence in performance, and assume responsibility for our activities and their outcomes.

Our Latest Articles

In addition to our white paper releases, we regularly publish updates regarding training sessions and public events.

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